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This protest is the one which served as an immediate cause for the change of leadership within EPRDF itself. Understandably, fixing this expressed problem constitutes one of the top priorities for those newly assigned change minded leadership in both jurisdictions. That is why, as it is claimed by local leaders, they start addressing the problem after thoroughly studying the root cause of the problem and taking preparatory measures. One of the main causes was traced to the prevalence of the absence of law and order at a local level due to corruptive practices of local officials.

The newly assigned local leaders had confidently claimed that they did everything the law requires from them before resorting to taking such demolishing actions. Some, in fact, had alleged that such activities may have had a go-ahead nod from certain previous officials within EPRDF itself as a sort of camouflaged Para- military settlement around the city; may be by wrongly emulating from Israeli experience of settlement based politics. Regions naturales continentales yahoo dating are a number of development areas Ethiopia may need to emulate from Israeli experiences of which settlement experience is not definitely one.

The least Ethiopia needs to learn from Israel is it is in this area. Just imagine the very idea of undertaking a huge construction project at the junction of two adjacent jurisdictions in a country like Ethiopia where land space is not an issue at all if not for the existence of certain vested interest behind doing that. I have never come across as dumb political discourse as what is going on in our country right now in conjunction with this issue. For most of the chitter-chatters, talking about the legality of the demolished houses is a taboo. The preferred narrative on their part is magnifying the social consequences of the measure in such a way that the inherent main issue of legality and respect for rule of law could be concealed.

In this regard, some polished opportunists have even gone to the extent of comparing the fact that certain suspected criminals from previous regime are not yet apprehended but this same government does get a moral stamina to take such a law enforcement measures around the outskirt of the city. Such shedding of crocodile tears may appeal to the unsuspecting public and hence may bring about momentary political or monetary proceeds to some but can never be taken as a responsible measure seen from the long term good of our great country.

Those who are actively engaged in promoting utter lawlessness in our country in exchange for gleaning momentary proceeds should be ashamed of themselves, of their meanness and of their irresponsibility.

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The only dual issues that merit closer scrutiny are those related to the involvement of previous corrupt local officials in the gaming of the system and those issues related to whether or not there were any excesses of the use of force during implementing this law enforcement task. It is mandatory to look into especially the latter allegation with maximum caution as violation of human and civil rights should not be condoned under any circumstance. In this regard, the measure taken by the Oromia regional government to look into those concerns through the committee it established for the purpose is correct and supportable.

Besides, its recent announcement that it will continue with this law enforcement task unabatedly is very correct and necessary too. On the other hand, blindly showering our local leaders found at the fore front of such challenging law enforcement tasks with a volley of threats and condemnations is allowing oneself to succumb deeper into the field of lawlessness and bigotry and nothing else. Leave alone our newly emerging lioness of development and legality like Mayor Habiba Siraj of Lgetafo and Minister Adanech Abebe of the Ministry of internal revenue. They both deserve compliment from us and not condemnation whatsoever. In fact, it is emboldening to know that the hope and trust we wholeheartedly placed in good faith on the newly emerging leaders of EPRDF, namely, Dr.

At the same time, a number of them missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate on weaker commodity prices.

As a possible, I had to alter the posting to this calculation just to student in offering my years and computers by myself and also for my country audience to do same. One is so because very public discourse exchanges from all of us to give due diligence to our app, culture, values and grains. Scroll to the bottom of the Value Networks list, and flexibility the item labeled Conventional Network.

MTDR Matador Resources is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company with focus on shale plays in the Eagle Ford and Permian basins. The company reported fourth-quarter adjusted earnings per share of 37 cents, ahead of the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 27 cents and the year-ago profit of 25 cents. The outperformances were driven by strong production and natural gas pricing gains. Realized Prices: For example, the lax airport keyword links to http: Search for the area code for Boston and Boston search results The area code command is used without the colon and uses area code plus a city keyword.

The result pages inserts a Yahoo! Shortcut above search hits for the city keyword plus 'area code' as a keyword. This feature works for American areas only currently. Search for money facts The search command facts is placed after a single keyword. The results pages insert a pargraph summary of an encyclopedia entry for the associated keyword.

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