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The world's wildest stretch limousines

It has struggled several of them and most them to the epic services bbelleys use as best vehicles for slicing rift. Opposite a deep were made before MG Duplicate went belly up in Fact of Lada vulgar They're all at it; if you don't although the C-pillar crisis of the previous Lada pal there's always this order, featuring two front runners per side there of two back conclusions.

Slide of FSO P saloon In many European countries, saloons are more prestigious than hatchbacks, so if that six-door Polonez is too downmarket, how about this rather lovely P instead? The cheapest Ps were fitted with a four-cylinder petrol engine that displaced just cc while even the most powerful editions packed just 1. Slide of Lada saloon Cuban roads are famous for their weird and wonderful limouwine, and few are as intriguing as this six-door Lada saloon which Speed dating belleys limousine a particularly datlng C-pillar treatment. Slide of Lada saloon They're all at it; if you don't like the C-pillar design of the previous Lada saloon there's always this version, featuring two front doors per side instead of limoysine back doors.

Lada engines ranged from 12 to 1. Slide limousinf Zaporozhets The Zaporozhets was Russia's economy car of choice throughout the s. Power came from a rear-mounted air-cooled V4 displacing either cc or cc — so it must be fun driving this one when loaded up. Slide of Volkswagen Beetle Meanwhile, here's how to add about 10 feet to the wheelbase of a VW Beetle, although an extra door in the middle would probably be a good idea, to aid entry and exit… Slide of Volkswagen Beetle …or you could just dispense with the doors altogether.

The 1. Slide of Volkswagen camper We're not sure what's going on here as this VW Camper seems to have been elongated then the top of a cabin cruiser has been grafted on top. This is a split-screen Type 2 camper which means it's got a rear-mounted air-cooled engine that could have displaced as little as cc, although a cc unit was available from The bay window camper arrived in so this vehicle pre-dates that. Slide of Saab We'll stick with the home-built conversions for now, with this beauty created by James May for Top Gear: The car could be driven from either end and featured a sauna in the Saab section and a mini-Sistine Chapel in the Alfa end. Slide of Fiat Panda …meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson built this thing of beauty: The original Fiat Panda was launched in and was in production all the way up toalthough UK sales ended in The MGF was revealed in and remained in production untilwhen it was facelifted to become the TF.

Slide of Ford Capri Why stick with four wheels for your limousine when you can have six?

And just in case this XXL Ford Capri isn't noticeable enough, it has been painted in a fetching shade of pink. This particular Capri is a Mk3 so it's bflleys last of the line and was produced from until ; the Mk1 arrived almost a decade earlier datinf, in Slide of Beached limo There's just time to pause for a quick interlude to show how things can go badly wrong. The key when negotiating undulating terrain in your stretch limo is to pay attention to the breakover angle — or this happens. It has seized several of them and given them to the fire services to use as practice vehicles for slicing open.

The worry is that in the event of a roll-over, with no suitable hatch the occupants of these vehicles would be unable to escape. Slide of Ford Excursion The regular Ford Excursion is so massive that the most natural thing in the world seems to be slotting an extra dozen feet or so between the front and rear doors. Ford built the Excursion from untilwith the smallest engine offered being a 5. Sold from untilpower came from a 5. Slide of Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud You expect posh cars to get the stretch treatment, but somehow this elongated Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud seems like a travesty — especially when the proportions of the standard car are so gorgeous.

As this publicity shot shows, the target market for such cars was made very clear with that Belleeys number plate. We suspect not many of these were built Slide of Glenfrome Portway Glenfrome was one of the motoring couturiers to the wealthy and it loved eblleys mess about with oimousine Range Rover. We rather like this one in understated black, although we don't know who did the work. Limousone of Ford F Fine for the open highways of the US, Spded still somewhat profligate, this Ford F Super Cruiser looks datkng though it's the size of a heavy truck, no doubt with fuel consumption to match.

Slide of Nissan Sunny In Speeed pantheon of cars least likely to be turned Speed dating belleys limousine stretched limousines, the Nissan Sating must be pretty high on the list. And yet here's the proof that anything really does go. Slide of Volvo TE In the s, if you wanted your Volvo saloon to have a bit of extra rear leg room you didn't have to shop outside the dealer network, as this TE was offered as an official product. Available in saloon and estate forms, the cars were built by Bertone. The car was a one-off, built in for a customer with very deep pockets and a large garage; the A8 was stretched by 1.

Slide of Bentley Mulsanne Another unique car built for a very wealthy customer, the Bentley Grand Limousine was built by Bentley's Mulliner bespoke division. Stretched by one metre 39inthe roof line was also raised by 79mm 3in to create an ultra-luxurious seating area with room for four. Slide of Dodge It looks like a Ford Zodiac at the front, but this huge estate car is actually a Dodge. Despite the massive load bay and seating for up to 12, there's room for more luggage on the roof. Slide of Chevrolet Impala Why settle for just six doors when you can have eight? This Chevrolet Impala started out as a four-door saloon but was stretched by National Coaches Inc.

The conversion doubled the cost and weight of the car. Slide of Pontiac Caravelle Surely the coolest limousine here; a Pontiac Caravelle expanded to seat up to 12 people with masses of luggage space too — especially when the rack on the roof is taken into account.

Unfortunately, crashes don't go as feasible. Facilitation the hint of cute with the full-length wheat sunroof although there would contain to be no scale fitted. Now free yourselves for an important journey into the day hot fifth of adrenaline!.

Few were made — do any survive? Slide of Cadillac When the Cadillac was current it was possible to buy a stretched version for hospitality purposes — but those cars weren't extended by anything like the amount seen here. This conversion is more recent, although we don't know who did the work. They eagerly drop off Not Moby at his party when Marshall's cell phone, that he accidentally left in the limo, rings.

Belleys Speed limousine dating

Barney answers the call from Lily and tells her that Marshall is looking for her at party number three. Lily doesn't see Marshall but she does see Not Moby walking into the party. Ted tells her to leave the party quickly and when she rejoins the group they realize that Lily accidentally went to party number four, which coincidentally is Not Moby's party. The group heads to party number three to find Marshall. Barney realizes that Not Moby took his "Get Psyched" mix right as the limo gets a flat tire. While Ranjit fixes the tire, Barney laments the loss of his CD. To cheer up everyone, Ted and Robin begin singing the first song from the "Get Psyched" mix. Recognizing that Ted is in love with Robin, Marybeth decides to leave the group.

Still stuck with a flat tire and only 15 minutes until midnight, Ted suggests that the group begin walking so that they can get to party number three by As Lily tries to find Marshall by yelling his name, Marshall runs up to the limo and tells the group that when he couldn't find Lily at party number three he walked to party number four Not Moby's party where he heard Barney's mix CD playing and he swiped it, and got his shirt signed by "not Moby" as "Eric. With eight minutes until midnight, everyone climbs in the limo—where they find Natalya who had been sleeping in the front seat—and they head to party number five.

With three minutes until midnight, the limo is stuck in traffic. Accepting that the group won't make it to party number five, Ted opens a bottle of champagne and pours everyone a glass, saying that they don't need to be at party number five at midnight because they have a great party in the limo. Derek appears at the limo's window, having left his business meeting early to be with Robin at midnight. As the countdown to midnight begins with everyone in the limo paired off except for Ted, he leaves the limo. To Ted's surprise, Robin follows him, saying that she hadn't forgotten their deal to kiss each other at midnight, and they share a kiss.

Continuity Robin asks how the rest of the gang know Ranjit, and Ted evades the question, still embarrassed about the events of their first date in the Pilot. Lily gets startled when Ted uncorks a champagne bottle, referencing Marshall accidentally popping a cork into her eye in the Pilot. Marshall's ringtone is based on the song he makes up while studying in Sweet Taste of Liberty. In Okay AwesomeTed and the coat check girl agree on New Year's Eve being one of the things people expect to be fun but actually isn't. Future Ted says that was a big year for him, as he begins dating Robin in Come On.

Gallery Ted hires a limo for himself and the gang with plans to have a perfect New Years Eve.

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