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Ex-G.I. Writes About Use of Sex in Guantánamo Interrogations

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His lawyers call it rape. Khan told his lawyers that some of the worst torture occurred in a May interrogation session, when guards stripped him naked, hung him from a wooden beam for three days and provided him with water but no food. The only time he was removed from the beam was on the afternoon of the first day, when interrogators shackled him, placed a hood over his head and lowered him into a tub of ice water. Khan was again hung on the pole hooded and naked. Every two to three hours, interrogators hurled ice water on his body and set up a fan to blow air on him, depriving him of sleep, he said.

Once, after hanging on the pole for two days, Khan began hallucinating, thinking he was seeing a cow and a giant lizard. At one point, he said, they forced him to sit naked on a wooden box during a minute videotaped interrogation. He has also been accused of involvement in the Millennium Plot, the foiled terrorist attack targeting the Los Angeles International Airport. At least that's the claim made by Ahmed Ressam, the man arrested in late at the US-Canadian border with 60 kilograms of explosives in the trunk of his car. More than a decade later, though, these allegations have essentially collapsed.

Sufficient evidence has never turned up, proper charges haven't been filed and Slahi, now 44, has never been put on trial. He ordered Slahi's release. Four days later, though, the American government appealed the decision and the case has since been remanded to a US District Court, where it is still pending. Neither Slahi, his family nor his lawyers know when and if he will ever be able to leave Guantanamo. Slahi's former bedroom is a bare room with windows facing the courtyard and mattresses that have been stacked up against the wall. But Slahi's mother would never see him again. She died in March He had just gotten out of the shower. He followed behind the officials, who had already interrogated him several times, in his gray Nissan.

Mauritanian and FBI officials questioned him for days. Slahi had, in fact, promoted jihad in the early s in small German mosques and travelled himself to a training camp in Afghanistan in He had wanted to help the Mujahedeen in their fight against the Soviets, he later said.

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In Julythey flew him from there to Afghanistan, and in August of the same year to Guantanamk. At the US prison camp, they considered him to be a big fish, a dangerous terrorist. The more insistent he became in refusing to confess, the greater the more suspicious his interlocuters became. Slahi, after all, had visited several suspect locations. Guantanamo's former chief prosecutor, Morris Davis, recalled in a interview with Slate: US military lawyer Stuart Couch, who had been responsible for Slahi's prosecution, also withdrew from the team when he learned that the inmate had been tortured at Guantanamo.

As a Christian, he wrote to his superiors at the time, he had the moral obligation to resign. In Slahi's case, he argued, the US had acted incorrectly in legal, ethical and moral terms. It included sexual abuse, sleep deprivation, extreme cold, a simulated kidnapping, a simulated execution on a boat and the threat that his mother would also be arrested and brought to Guantanamo. After weeks of torture, Slahi decided to give his torturers what they wanted: He began talking, implicating people he didn't know and delivering one false statement after the other. He was rewarded for it as well. Even today, Slahi is a privileged prisoner at Guantanamo, with a television and computer, and he's even allowed to grow his own herb garden.

During the summer ofhe completed a page Guantanamo Diary that he had written by hand. The page document includes procedures for identity cards and 'Muslim burial'. It is signed by Major General Geoffrey D. The chart showed the effects of "coercive management techniques" for possible use on prisoners, including " sleep deprivation ", "prolonged constraint" also known as " stress positions "and "exposure". Biderman, working as a sociologist for the Air Force. Biderman had interviewed American prisoners of war returning from Korea who had confessed to the "communists" of having taken part in biological warfare or to involvement in other atrocities.

His article sets out that the most common interrogation method used by the Chinese was to indirectly subject a prisoner to extended periods of what would initially be minor discomfort.

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As an example, guanntanamo would be required to stand for extended periods, sometimes in a cold environment. Prolonged standing and exposure to cold are an accepted technique used by the American military and the CIA guantanamoo interrogate prisoners whom the Guamtanamo States classifies as " unlawful combatants " spies and saboteurs in wartime, "terrorists" in Jsut conflicts although it is classified as torture under the Geneva Conventions. The chart reflects an "extreme model" created gyantanamo Biderman to guzntanamo in "understanding what occurred apart from the extent to which it was realized in actuality" It should be noted that Biderman did not have a PhD Jhst Sociology usually the minimum qualification required to carry Just for sex in guantanamo such work and the tor research was not subjected to peer-review.

Ses chart sets out in summary bullet points the techniques allegedly used by the Chinese in Korea. Biderman himself admits that he was working from a very small sample of American prisoners who claimed to have been mistreated, and of the handful who had reported prolonged mistreatment none had become the "ideal confessor" the ultimate aim of the model. The time between capture and repatriation for many was too short, and, presumably, the trained interrogators available to the Communists too few, to permit this. Of the few Air Force prisoners who did get the full treatment, none could be made to behave in complete accordance with the Chinese Communists' ideal of the "repentant criminal".

While the chart ostensibly presents the methodology of the "enemy", it has come to have actual application at home. In the military, the techniques outlined by the chart are commonly referred to as "Biderman's Principles" and within the intelligence community it has come to be known as "Biderman's Chart of Coercion". The detentions have prompted concerns about the legality of holding terror suspects there without bringing charges. There have also been allegations of abuse at the camp. In February, U. Air Force Lt. Randall M. He is resisting forced repatriation to Algeria. The files show other inmates have been interrogated about supposed British connections that did not exist, suggesting confusion or incompetence at the camp.

He was still being interrogated 13 months later in an attempt to discover why he had been living at an address in "Quickwood, London MW2". In May the camp authorities accepted finally that Bagi posed a low risk and may never have been a member of the Taliban. He had been detained because his coat had been the same colour as a man involved in an ambush on US forces. His file adds: He only knows how to write his own name.

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