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‘vagina’ stories

I could get it convinced way in, but sxe. did, and I wanted him to be tagged to really time me After waiting several min to see if he would do, I got up and bad a more popular on the actual of the bed.

I know by the way you are pumping and rocking on my face now, that you are just about there anyway. I turn you around and begin to lick up and down your slit while I use my fingers to pull the folds of your swollen pussy lips away from around your clit. As your hood moves away I see your blood-swollen clit sitting there in from of my eyes. I move it and press my tongue against it and hear you moan loudly. The clit is rock hard. I softly hum directly on it as I continued to stimulate your Man licking womans pussy sex. vagina stories with my fingers. You moan again louder this time and almost sit on my face as I worked on your sweet pussy. You hold my head with both hands and try to ram my face with your pussy as you begin to scream at me: For God sakes.

You yell: OH GOD!! But I know we can do better. I can see you lean back against the wall as you begin to slide down the tiles. I grab your knees to keep you from sliding all the way into the tub. We both stand up and I help you out of the shower so we can dry each other off. I lick your snatch one last time and stand up. As we walk back into the bedroom your hand is holding my very hard cock. I watch your body move as you walk and it hardens my cock even more. You can feel it jumping with excitement for you. I move you to the big chair in the room. I walk behind you with my hands on your shapely hips watching your ass as you walk, God I love looking at you.

You are so beautiful. I stop you and reach around your body and cup your full hard breasts as I kiss your neck and bit your shoulder. I begin to pull and roll your nipples around with my thumbs and index fingers as you lean back against me. You can feel my hard cock up under your ass rubbing against it. You reach between us and take the hard thick shaft into your hand. As you turn I bend down and suck your nipples into my mouth as your hand begins to stroke my extremely hard cock. As I cup your pussy, we both moan from this pleasure. Your other hand comes up and cups my head to hold my mouth on your right breast.

You whisper in my ear: I want this hard cock inside me. I bit your nipple making you moan. Your knees hit the front of the chair and I push you down in the seat.

Immediately, I drop to the floor kneeling in front of you. I reach around your body and pulled your lower body to the very edge of the chair. Your ass pkssy almost hanging off the end. Now I move up and suck both of your nipples and cup your breasts one more storise letting my cock rub over your swollen pussy lips. She started to stroke me as I had done before, and within a couple of minutes I was spurting more come all over my belly. Once again she obliged with the tissues and asked if I would like to touch her. How could I refuse? She pulled her short skirt up to her waist and opened her legs, exposing her white panties.

She put my hand on her crotch. I was surprised because she was very wet and I thought she had peed herself. She was obviously enjoying it with the noises she was making. After a few minutes she asked me if I wanted to do it.

He throughout slid my shorts off I move you to the big game in the web. I piercing on her feelings, sincerely via her teeth back and completely.

She removed lickingg panties and lay on the bed with her legs wide open. She told me to climb on top and do what I read in the magazine. Getting on top was easy, but I couldn't find her cunt with my cock. After considerable squirming and help from her hand, I was inside her. The feeling was exquisite and I couldn't help but thrust away quickly. I came again within seconds of entering her. All I wanted to do now was sleep, but she undid her blouse and lifted her tits from out of her bra and put my hands on them. Till then I had been shrinking inside her but now things were starting to happen again. My cock vatina hard again and I started to slowly move inside her.

This time I took things a bit storeis slowly and probably managed to fuck her for about five minutes before coming again. It was only after she had left that I realized that this had not been her first time. One-on-One It was a Thursday afternoon, which meant game day vayina our high school. I was on the girls basketball team so I helped set up for the boys game. I went into the gym to find my ex-boyfriend shooting domans. He looked at me and I looked at him and we sfx. just smiled. I looked storries to see the economics teacher Mr.

Tanke deeply reading his eomans paper. I paid him no mind and went on to talk to Leron. As we went on talking, somehow the subject of sex came up mind you that all of the time we were together we never fucked and he suggested that we go into the locker room. Being the stubborn person that I am I asked why. He shook his head in anguish as if he were mad at me, and I hate that, so I said sure. He looked pretty surprised but wasn't completely shocked. He took my hand and led me into the locker room to find it completely empty. He took me to the back portion which was called the cage. He threw me against the wall and we began to kiss deeply and passionately.

Before I knew it I felt his hard dick in his warm up suit and I couldn't help but to drop to my knees and suck his sweet long cock. It felt and tasted so good in my mouth that I wanted to swallow it all, and before I knew it he exploded in my mouth. It tasted so great he was surprised to see that a year-old could suck so well. He then feel to his knees and pushed me onto the floor and ate my sweet little pussy vigorously. I had no choice but to cum in his mouth. I was still wet and he was hard again. We fucked hard for about fifteen minutes or so before we both came.

I guess all the noise we were making attracted attention cause before we knew it one of his team mates walked in. We looked up from the floor and laughed. He laughed too and said it's game time. Leron said, OK, just give me a minute. We quickly dressed and left out of different exits of the locker room. It was the best one-on-one ever. No winner, no loser, just both opponents satisfied. My high school group met up with ones from Indiana and Florida. I was hot for a guy from Indiana named Rick. I'm not sure why, he wasn't my type at all. Well, the last night of the trip I got drunk at a disco in Puerto Vallarta. My friend Nikki, who had a thing for a different Indiana guy, was with me and we motivated each other to go try to hook up with them.

I did the sluttiest thing ever and walked up to Rick with my room key and said, "If you come with me now, you're going to get laid. The minute we got back to the room we started taking our clothes off. I started by sucking him off. For a flexibility perspective, I can't touch my tongue to my knee, even after a minute stretching warm-up. Would my self-oral be better than oral from guys? If so, maybe I'd find the courage to reject guys who didn't offer me a baseline level of respect or camaraderie. If not, maybe I'd be more understanding and communicative about lackluster performances. Regardless, this could change everything.

Having read at least 30 stories over the years about how our phones vaginw covered in poop—just absolutely littered with feces—I took a few minutes to scrub stries screen with hand sanitizer, making sure the liquid didn't get into any of vgina cracks. I used to pyssy about touching it, but was always to afraid and embarrassed to ever do it. Even now, the thought of him can still get me aroused. However, this all changed about 5 years ago when my Husband and I vatina into our new house. They enjoyed our two children, and even babysat for us on occasion. They vqgina him virtually no supervision, and llcking him roam the neighborhood.

They even kept him outdoors during the night. So he often wandered womanx our yard on his own. Also, my kids loved playing with him, so he was over at our house quite often. I found myself staring at his cock, and thinking about it. Finally, I decided to at least touch it. One day, my daughter was playing with him in our backyard, then my daughter left to go play with some of her friends. Alone with the dog, I quickly brought him into the den. I just knelt down and started petting him, rubbing my hand along his lower stomach while slightly brushing my hand against his cock.

Finally I began cupping his cock and balls with my hand, while looking around to make sure no one could see. As I touched it, I remember looking at his face, trying to see if I could see his reactions. It really stretches out my hole there, sometimes it bleeds. Remember I had to take care of my wife for ten months after she had a stroke. She was paralyzed on her entire left side, and that affected her bowels and bladder too. She was incontinent, but sometimes stopped up, and I had to relieve her of the constipation. By the way, do you like enemas? Why, do you like giving them?

I feel so full down there sometimes. Push down so I can feel this in here. I like feeling it. Feeling your finger up inside me there. Knowing that you are touching my poop in there. I pushed my finger into it and pressed against it and loosened it and softened it, playing with it and getting it allllll over my finger. I had to clean it up after all! I may as well enjoy it, right? Do you like feeling mine?

Licking sex. pussy stories vagina womans Man

I like fingering it and playing with it inside you. That firm end is storiws well broken up now. It will be much easier for you sfx. go poo when you are ready. As I fingered her bottom hole and mixed and smashed and mashed her hard firm poop inside of her rectum, she began to rub harder and more intensively. She was pushing down on her bowels and opening her anus for me to see. It stretched and bulged and then began to open. The end of her firm poop crowned in the opening and as she pushed down more and more it began to come out of her.

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