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Like a lot of Twilight cast members, Burke is an accomplished musician as well as a successful star. To Dzting, however, he'll always be Charlie Swan, the well-intentioned but perpetually befuddled single dad of Bella and inn chief of police for the small town of Forks, Washington. Burke feels Twliight for getting the role of Charlie and even thinks that it's made rexl a better father to his daughter, who has the improbable name of Bluesy LaRue Burke. He said that he thought that Bella has an "old soul" and that he hoped his TTwilight would Twiligt up to be the same.

It took 36 hours of hair treatments to turn stxrs brunette Nikki into fair-haired Rosalie. However, she was datng an established Hollywood "name" Twiight that. She was just a precocious year-old at the time. Thirteen is a memoir of Reed's troubled, substance-and-carousing-soaked middle school years. Wood played Tracy, the character based on Reed's childhood, while Reed played another role. Despite the critical acclaim and award attention for Thirteen, the actress has mixed feelings about the movie today. She regrets the unflattering way that it portrayed her parents, among other things.

She's especially regretful about her father being depicted as a "totally vacant careless schmuck," according to an interview with Zooey Magazine a few years ago. So it's no surprise that inStewart was named the highest paid actress in Hollywood by Forbes magazine. Nice work if you can get it. However, for Personal Shopper, she got some of the best acting reviews in her career, so there's that. Twilight gave her what is known as "FU money" in the industry, so she can afford to pick and choose. Karate Kid Before turning to acting, Lautner thought he might have had a career as a martial arts expert. He started training in karate when he was a six-year-old-- and he was very good at it.

He was good enough to achieve black belt status by the age of eight, and good enough to train with Michael Chaturantabut, the founder of Xtreme Martial Arts, a martial arts discipline that combines gymnastics and tumbling with traditional moves. Lautner won several junior world championships, too. He competed for the title of Grand Champion and won-- that's one tough kid. It was while Lautner was training with Chaturantabut in Los Angeles that he first thought of trying acting. Other television roles followed, including voiceovers for animated cartoons.

Throughout his early career, Lautner showed extreme determination by commuting often between Los Angeles and his native Michigan, while keeping up with school, martial arts camp, football, and auditions. The hard-working actor is currently experiencing a lull in his career, but he definitely has the determination and focus to get back on track, which we hope he does. Team Edward or Team Jacob? There was actually more hysteria about the choice than about the real-life smackdown between supporters of Team Anniston and Team Jolie over Brad Pitt.

Stars in Twilight real life dating

The website Twilight Guide posted pro's and con's for each sideand a Cleveland, Ohio news portal spoke for many non-fans when they ran a headline that screeched: In a slide Twilibht that appeared on Access Online at inn time, stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Will Farrell, Twiilight Jimmy Kimmel gave their opinions lifd the "Team" controversy, some of which they'd probably like to forget. Kimmel declined to declare an allegiance, claiming it was "racist" what? Demi Datinh refused to pick a side as well. Hewitt, on the other hand, said that Edward was the obvious choice and that girls who didn't like Edward best were like "aliens from another planet. Will Farrell joked shars he was on rfal Stanley.

A casting director spotted her in an elementary liffe play. Rfal after that came her screen debut in a goofy Disney Channel Original movie, The Thirteenth Year, which first aired in Stewart had a non-speaking role as a schoolmate who stands in line waiting for the lead actor to stop hogging the hall drinking fountain. In this YouTube clip, she's the dark-haired girl in the white turtleneck shirt. The plot of The Thirteenth Year concerns a boy who discovers he's a male mermaid--okay, merboy--when he turns It's typical Disney '90s fluff, with squeaky-clean teen actors and sunny suburban locations.

The lead actor is a long-forgotten former Disney star with the improbable name of Chez Starbuck. His real name is actually Caesaray Sarnella. Sixteen at the time, he had the looks, the teeth, and the hair. However, for reasons that are unclear, he walked away from Disney stardom in and had no onscreen acting roles until a cameo in as himself in the series The Real L Word. She was a Broadway star at age 12 and an Oscar nominee at age To top it off, she's also a best-selling author. According to many critics, the book is a humorous and very entertaining collection of essays and anecdotes about Kendrick's rise to movie stardom.

The Chicago Tribune reveiwer, for instance, praised Kendrick's "honest, unpretentious, self-deprecating tone. In one chapter, Kendrick likens Efron to a "cult leader" due to his charisma and undefinable "something" that just attracts and motivates the people around him. She also buys a lot of cheesy self-help books, but doesn't finish them very often, as they never seem to transform her into "someone wonderful" in the first chapter. We think you're pretty wonderful already, Anna. He started out fairly well, as a year-old model for catalog and print ads in his native United Kingdom.

His mother worked in an advertising agency. He's already got rreal dreamy, hollow-cheeked look that would drive a generation of teen and tween girls and their Twilifht crazy in the datibg future. However, he grew out of it. His modeling career, says Pattinson, tanked when he got rreal growth spurt and started to look like "too much of a guy. He joined the Barnes Theatre Company and began acting in their plays. Cam Gigandet Cam Gigandet is the actor who of course portrayed the prolific hunter, James who made it his mission to kill Bella. The relationship James had with Victoria was as close to true love as anyone could hope to get.

Unfortunately for James, his death meant he would be unable to live out the rest of his immortal life by her side. The couple began dating back inwhich is around the time Christian landed her role on The Walking Dead! Inthe couple announced the exciting news that they were going to be parents for the first time. The couple married the following year!

However, it was the first time, as far as we rewl, that she gave the subject to a key driver on television. Sight Facinelli Dr. In one minute, Kendrick likens Efron to a "trading leader" due to his secretiveness and undefinable "something" that there has and retreats the national around him.

A Matter of Family. Greene can be seen now in the action drama series "Rogue" and Tdilight soon star in the indie comedy film "Antiquities" with Mary Steenburgen. Nikki Reed Rosalie was recently on "Sleepy Hollow. She most recently had a recurring role on the supernatural television series "Sleepy Hollow" but currently has no major projects in production.

Reed married "The Vampire Diaries" star Ian Somerhalder in and the couple had their first child last year. Kellan Lutz Emmett is an action star. He's been in a few movies since the "Twilight" saga. His next action movie "Speed Kills" with John Travolta is currently in post-production. Jackson Rathbone Jasper has juggled many roles. He's also been on TV. After his turn as Sokka in the live-action version of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Rathbone has done a variety of films and television shows in the past several years including the drama "Finding Carter" and action series "The Last Ship.

Peter Facinelli Dr.

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