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Written by Rachel Clements creative writer, bodybuilder, and lover-in-training at rachelclementsmedia.

Dating advice Bodybuilding

Go put your heart muscle to WORK! Make changes as necessary. In other words, if Ronnie wants to improve his squat, he has to either squat more weight or squat the same weight for more reps. Progression As a safety feature of the overload principle, the progression principle says that bodybuilders should gradually increase the amount of work in a training program over time to avoid injury. Progressing a relationship should also happen gradually to avoid injury to the heart and the ego.

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The relationship used in the example might increase the volume of date nights perhaps 5 per month instead of 4 or increase the intensity of the date nights by selecting more intimate experiences or following each date night with a fun relationship-building exercise. The reversibility principle typically comes into play when a relationship starts to feel boring or old; at this point, both people have stopped putting in the same effort they did at the beginning of the relationship. Muscle Contest Photography. If your body, mind, and schedule feel ready to take on more, increase the volume or intensity of your training using the principles of overload, progression, and specificity.

When, where, and how will you accomplish it? How will you hold yourself accountable?

Olympia bodybuilding champion famous for Bodybuikding pounds for repsonce said: I lift heavy, work hard and aim to be the best. Photo Credit: Follow the guide below to create your own day better-lover training plan: Specificity The specificity principle is all about putting in the right kind of work to reach a specific goal. Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr.

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