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That's what goes are all about. Magenta hands isn't his behaviour.

Think about it. We meet someone we think is great, but then we don't know how to make it work.

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We're not as loving or understanding as we need to be to that person, and we expect them to accept it. We don't Daying as much as we should. We just expect someone. It's great when we just expect someone to accept us and don't do a thing about it. All that happens is we end up fighting and that person gets frustrated. They tell us not to go into defense mode.

Then we battle. Then the relationship ha;piness and we blame it on each other for what went wrong. I want to tell you a pretty amazing story about a friend of mine. Tyler, who works for me is married.

Holding hands isn't his thing. In fact, he's not into physical touch at all. But his wifeand the mother of his kid, Dating happiness it. The other day he says to me, "You know. My wife loves it so much that whenever we walk into Whole Foods or anywhere else together, I make sure I hold her hand Dating happiness though it's not important to me. I know how important it is to her, and for that reason, I enjoy it. I've really learned to enjoy it. That's what relationships are all about. Relationships are about dropping the gloves, listening to what your partner wants, and fulfilling that for them.

If you look at our needs and desires, they're pretty simple. We're not like little children where we need to be cleaned up after all the time. I know there are some big man babies out there that act as if they need cleaning up but you know what I mean. The next time you're in a relationship, think about what they person needs. Discover what makes them happy and give it to them. Whatever it might be, make sure you do it. You might find out like Tyler my friend, that you actually enjoy it. You'll learn and you'll grow as a person. It's not hard to learn how to make your relationship work if you take the time to listen. When two people aren't speaking each other's love language, or filling their love fuel tanks, they're going to battle.

We really are that simple. We're just like giant children running around, just slightly less demanding. Kids are demanding all the time. I need you to take me to bed! It would drive you nuts. You put up with it if it's your children because that's your job. So, how does all of this relate to a secret strategy for finding true and long-lasting love?

Happiness Dating

Well, it suggests we should all engage in meaningful dating rather than happiness dating. How many times hppiness you judged a date based on the in-the-moment happinesx of it? Instead, you need to create a story from your dating past to now, which you see wisdom in and use to move into a dating future where you end up finding love. We have all trial-and-errored our way romantically to today, and that is okay. In fact, it is pretty much a scientific way of doing things. View any future connection with a currently unmet soul mate to be something you earned. All the failed relationships, the fizzles, the burnouts, the you-only-kind-of liked-them-anyways were just moments in the timeline leading to significant love.

That will totally work, once you overcome the downside I mentioned earlier… Unfortunately, Kahneman is a pessimist in regard to our ability to correct faulty decision-making habits. He reasons such change is too hard and we are overconfident to believe otherwise. I guess that is the challenge everyone faces to find significant love: But, hopefully, you can spin this downside into your personal story in a coherent enough way that it leaves room for the meaningful future and love you desire. I mean, what is the alternative, but doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? That, of course, is the definition of insanity, according to Einstein.

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