Domestic violence lesson plans high school

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Teen Domestic Abuse & Violence

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Select ones to cover standards planns objectives and according to your district policies. Option 1: You may obtain an e-mailed copy from Love is Not Abuse Download the lesson plan. You may follow the instructions exactly as printed, or condense to fit within your time frame. A powerpoint presentation has been made that goes along with the lesson, which you may use instead of making all the handouts.

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Have Students use Love is Not Abuse study guide pdf during the lecture portion of the presentation. Tell students they do not have to share if they feel uncomfortable. It is important to share these guidelines now and make sure students feel comfortable and understand them. The instructor can refer back to these guidelines as discussion continues. Think and Share 25 The instructor proposes a question before the students know much about the information.

Lesson Domestic high school plans violence

The students vjolence 1 minute thinking about their response to the question. They can make notes at this time if they want. The instructor will announce when the minute is up. For the next two minutes, student 1 shares his or her answer to that question. The instructor will announce plana the 2 minutes is up. If a student finishes his or her answer before the time is up, all the students should sit silently. If a student is not done when the time is up, explain that they will be cut off, but the student should write where he or she was cut off, so that the conversation can continue outside of class. This will foster continuing conversation.

Repeat for the next two students. After each student has shared, allow two additional minutes for the students to respond to each other: What did they appreciate, disagree with? What surprised them? Did they learn something new about their peers? You will ask two questions for this lesson.

When a woman is Domewtic physically or verbally by her partner, what should she do? The instructor should drop in and listen to some of these conversations. Discuss ideas for what might be included the lessson. These ideas should include: Explanation of dating poans, both emotional and physical Facts and statistics about dating violence, especially teen dating violence Warning signs Why it's often difficult to get out of an abusive relationship Lessoon, state, and national resources for help The laws concerning planns violence Other online resources that relate to the subject Divide the class into teams that will each create one page apiece for one or more of the topics discussed.

One group will also be responsible for creating the homepage and navigation bar. Give each team a Web site list for reference and further research. Emphasize that these sites are just a starting point and that students are expected to research beyond the list. Each team is responsible for researching their topic, writing their own informational content, locating graphics and background images, and coding the material into HTML. Depending on how many students are in a team, the tasks can be broken down so that each student is in charge of one or more. Each group will save their section to a floppy disk. The group responsible for the homepage and navigation bar will then compile the site, adding the navigation bar on each page.

Post the site on your school or school district Web site, or through a free Internet hosting service.

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